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The Earth Awards 2010

Deadline: Closed

A Global Search for Sustainable Innovations Designed for the 21st Century

Great thinkers of our generation have joined The Earth Awards to help search for design innovations that will change the way we live and pave the way to the imminent sustainable revolution. From pioneers of the sustainable movement to green entrepreneurs and adventurers alongside household names in design and architecture, The Earth Awards has gathered powerful momentum to ignite the revolution including Richard Branson, Graydon Carter, David DeRothschild, Dr. Jane Goodall, Graham Hill, Philippe Starck, Diane von Furstenberg and many more.

The Earth Awards invites design submissions from all corners of the globe in six categories: Built Environment, Fashion, Products, Systems, Future and Social Justice. Ideas, great or small, realized or prototypes, will be considered but must distinguish themselves in six criteria: Achievable, Scalable, Measurable, Useful, Original and Ecological. The grand prizewinner will receive $50,000 while category winners receive $10,000 each.

In 2010 The Earth Awards’ Ceremony moves from New York City to London, where the Selection Committee will judge a shortlist of six finalists culminating with an exhibition in sustainable design. This world-class exhibition will showcase the 2010 winning submissions, as well as past years winners. Along with the exhibition, the Financial Times will hold a Sustainable Business Conference and gala dinner inviting CEOs, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists to match innovation with investment, fulfilling The Earth Awards’ commitment to shepherd winning innovations closer to market.

Not since the Industrial Revolution has there been a more apt moment for unbridled creativity, invention, innovation and entrepreneurialism. The Earth Awards provides a platform for transformational ideas for the way we think about design and the way we live on Planet Earth.

Open for Submissions: March 3rd - May 10th 2010
Selection Committee Review: May 17th  – July 23rd 2010
Awards Gala in London: September 16th 2010

Seeking innovations in six categories:

Built environment  
Social justice

Winning innovations will distinguish themselves in six criteria:


The Earth Awards is a global search for creative, sustainable solutions and innovations designed for the 21st century. It provides a platform for individuals and organizations, enabling them to bring their visionary ideas to the eyes of a global audience. Held first in New York City in 2009, The Earth Awards will be hosted in other major cities around the world to promote its mission of bringing ecological thinking into popular culture. A prestigious and eclectic panel of creative thinkers have leant their support as members of our Selection Committee to judge the awards. All finalists will have the unique opportunity to pitch their project to world business leaders, who will help them to transform their designs into market-ready solutions. In 2010, The Earth Awards will be travelling to London where it will become a part of a world-class exhibition in sustainable design.