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London Conference - Living and Sustainability: An Environmental Critique of Design and Building Practices

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Estimates of the building industry’s contribution to world carbon emissions reach as high as 30% worldwide – with figures on energy consumption in the region of 40%. Given the scale of the industry’s contribution to these figures it cannot be ignored.

However, key to a sustainable future are also related social questions.  Badly planned developments can not only lead to the destruction of habitats, they bring unaffordable housing, displaced communities and negative effects on physical health.

Hosted in London, the conference is concerned with the broad range of issues that affect the housing, commercial architecture and cities of advanced economies, the metropoles of new economic powerhouses, and the conurbations of the developing world. However, the starting point is the practical effects and actions we can take from the standpoint of design and construction in three specific areas:

1. Housing; 2. Commercial Buildings; 3. Urban Design and Cities

Within this context the variety of themes it suggests include (but are not limited to):

Sustainable construction; Eco-retrofitting; Resilience; Adapting to climate change; Building sustainability assessment tools; Construction Engineering; Eco-materials and technologies; Life cycle analysis etc.

Affordable housing; design for life; sustainable communities; effective public transit; low-tec, low-cost self -build, participatory planning; social inclusion etc.

It is organised by London South Bank University and AMPS.

International Delegates who need review decisions early to make travel can submit abstracts immediately.

Submission details on full conference site: http://architecturemps.com/london-2017/

- www.lsbu.ac.uk