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Belgrade Design Week welcomes its partners from eleven European cities to the unique international creative event “HUMAN CITIES/ SHARING CLOUD - Kragujevac 2017”, inviting the broadest public, citizens and citizens initiatives, architects, urban planers, the creative community, artists, economists, municipal administrations, media, academia and students from Serbia and the entire region, to join us on Friday, February 17th in Kragujevac.
The program is made of leading European case studies with easily understandable, concrete, hands-on “How to-” lectures, from cities committed to use design as a tool for changing their urban and public spaces and transforming their public authorities' mindsets.
Entry is free, places are limited by the hall capacity, lectures are provided with simultaneous translation from English to Serbian and vice versa. The organiser reserves the right to change the program without prior information.
The "HUMAN CITIES/ SHARING CLOUD - Kragujevac 2017”  program consists of an inspirational creative conference searching for proposals for design-thinking and participative-urbanism in Serbia and Europe today, as well as an exhibition of works of all eleven partners of the "Human Cities/ Challenging the City Scale 2014-2018” project. One of the presented projects is BDW’s "Creative Grand Park” development, developed as part of the Human Cities/ project and built as the first private / public partnership of its kind, between the Foundation Dragica Nikolić and the City of Kragujevac.
The conference ”HUMAN CITIES/ SHARING CLOUD - Kragujevac 2017” ” presents a unique opportunity for engaged citizens and citizen’s initiatives, municipal administrations, universities, urban planers, architects, artists, economists, government, media and students from all vocations, to get introduced to the latest European developments about exploring the way in which the inhabitants reclaim the constantly evolving contemporary city (especially through experiments in the urban space) and ways of (re)inventing city life, as sources of well-being and quality of life. These structural changes are impacting both people and places like shops, public squares, parks, or streets in town and city centers.
Conference HUMAN CITIES/ SHARING CLOUD Kragujevac 2017 Program:
Welcome Note:
Mayor of Kragujevac Radomir Nikolić
 Introductory Note:
Belgrade Design Week Jovan Jelovac
14:00h  - 15:30h
- History of unique urban planing in Kragujevac:
The Šumarice Complex / Making of the Memorial Park
Jelena Davidović, Curator of the Museum 21. October, Kragujevac, Serbia
- Development of industrial heritage in Kragujevac:
Converting the first armory in Serbia (The Arsenal) into a centar for the creative industry
Marko Grković and Đorđe Milovanović, Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments in Kragujevac, Serbia
- Case Study Grand Park in Kragujevac I:
How to return the Grand Park in Kragujevac to its citizens with support of private/public partnerships, using participative urban planing and collaboration with leading Serbian and global practices in design and innovation?
Belgrade Design Week, Jovan Jelovac, Belgrade, Serbia
- Case Study Grand Park in Kragujevac II:
How to revitalise a neglected city park in Kragujevac into a central creative zone, with intention to provoke and inspire all stakeholders to jointly search for standards of a possible development scheme for the city’s green zones?
Prof. Aleksandru Vuja, Studio DVA, Belgrade, Serbia
- Case Study “THINKtent”:
How to use international experience of moderating an exchange of thoughts for the well-being of the development of Kragujevac?
Nataša Čiča, Kapacity.org, Hobart, Australia
15:30 PM - 16:00 PM Coffee Break
Participation in the THINKtent / Nataša Čiča
(First session in English - no translation)
16:00 PM - 17:30 PM
- Case Study Brussels / “Pro Materia”:
How to start a grassroots initiative about better living in our cities as a citizens association from Brussels, and then in ten years grow it into European significance?
Louisa Vermoere, Pro Materia, Brussels, Belgium
- Case Study London / "Makers Mile”:
How to connect innovative ideas of your neighbors as a bottom-up initiative, and in the process invent a whole new creative quarter in East London?
Franc Van Hasselt, Clear Village, London, Great Britain
- Case Study Sent Etienne / "Banc d’essai”:
How to decorate and animate our public spaces? How to forge stronger ties between generations and to give shape to the appropriation of space for all? In St. Etienne needs are expressed, practices are created. Uses becoming clearer: siting, eating, reading, playing, working, learning, calling or just looking around.
Camille Vilain, Cite du Design, Sent Etienne, France
- Case Study Milano / "La Piana”:
How to continue the legacy of activating the community and improving the public space in combination with the all-encompassing initiatives of Teatro Ringhiera, and oversee the scope of public space at La Piana become challenged.
Davide Fassi, Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy
- Case Study Helsinki /  "School as a Service”:
How to experiment with optimizing the use of their own buildings at the Aalto’s Espoo Campus in Helsinki over the next couple of years. Think opening the space to the community, think life long learning, think school as a service!
Marc Goodwin, Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland
- Case Study Graz / “Jakominiviertel”:
How to transform a neglected part of Graz, a transition space, into a common space, where people like to stay and to meet without being forced to consume, with special focus on settling the creative industries with its specific economics there?
Erika Thummel, FH Joanneum, Graz, Austria
- Case Study Ljubljana / “Skupaj na ploščad!”:
How to find new approaches and make the participation processes more attractive and playful in Ljubljana? Nowadays the participation processes exists in Slovenia as part of the top-town urban planning procedures, but are rather superficial and people tend to reject them.
Damjana Zaviršek Hudnik, Skupaj na ploščad! Intiative, Ljubljana, Slovenia
17:30 PM - 18:00 PM Coffee Break
Participation in the THINKtent/ Nataša Čiča 
(Second session in English - no translation)
18:00 PM - 19:00 PM
- Case Study Sent Etienne / "Cite du Design":
How to use a once in a lifetime opportunity and convert a post-industrial town from a ruined historical armory center of France, into a national hub for design and creativity? Parallels of Sent Etienne with Kragujevac, connecting two important European cities with an astonishingly similar industrial past, but with an astonishingly different reality today.
Josyane Franc, Cite du Design, Sent Etienne, France
19:00 PM Vernissage / Opening of the Human Cities/ SHARING CLOUD exhibition in the First Gymnasium of Kragujevac
Participation in the THINKtent  / Nataša Čiča
(Third session in English - no translation)

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