Design Knowledge Intermediary
Sydney Design Festival 2018

Submission: 01-Mar-2018
Opening: 02-Mar-2018
Closing: 11-Mar-2018
Through a diverse program of events Sydney Design Festival champions local, national and international design, and promotes a critical understanding of the impact of design on everyday life and culture.
This year, Sydney Design Festival invites designers to express their interest in presenting Festival events which respond to the theme Call to Action.
Action is purpose and movement; Action is deliberate and forward-thinking. Design has a role to play in an ever-changing world and has the potential to solve complex global problems.
Sydney Design Festival is presented by the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (MAAS), with the festival program comprising a diverse array of the city’s design community. The Sydney Design Festival team facilitates a marketing campaign for the entire festival and offers event presenters advice and support in showcasing their design event in the program.

- www.sydneydesign.com.au