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Lockheed Lounge

Lockheed Lounge, 1986

Marc Newson

Aluminium and fiberglass

89x63.5x152.5 cm


Designer's break-through piece was the 1986 Lockheed Lounge, the realisation of his image of "a fluid metallic form, like a giant blob of mercury" based "loosely, very loosely" on the 18th century chaises longue he had seen in reproductions of French paintings. Newson made it himself in "a couple of miserable months" of hammering hundreds of aluminium panels on to an home-made fibreglass mould. After the Lockheed Lounge was exhibited at a Sydney gallery, photographs of it appeared in magazines all over the world.

Lockheed Lounge is made from ultra-industrial aluminum, bent and riveted into a voluptuous, body-hugging form that suggests that the seat, with its slick metal surface, is actually quite comfortable and cozy.

Earlier in this 2006, his 20-year-old Lockheed Lounge, curvaceous divan sold for $968,000 at Sotheby's in New York, setting a record for the highest price paid in history for furniture by a living designer—he was 42 at the time. By now, the sensuous, gleaming curves of his aluminum Lockheed Lounge are legend.

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