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Gaetano Pesce
Serie Up
Serie Up
543 Broadway Chair
Gaetano Pesce

born in 1939 La Spezia, Italy

. studied architecture at the University of Venice between 1959 and 1965
. in 1959, founded the "N Group" in Padua, the first Italian movement involved in 'programmed' research into art.
. during his Padua years, collaborated with the "Gruppo Zero" in Germany, the "Groupe de Recherche d'Art Visuel" in Paris and the "Gruppo T" in Milan.
. lived in Padua until 1967, working as an artist and film-maker.
. in 1968, developed "Up", a line in seat furniture for B&B Italia.
. in 1972, designed the "Rag Chair" and in 1975/76, designed "Sit down".
. moved to New York in 1980.
. has been a guest professor in institutions like the Cooper Union in New York and the Institut d'Architecture et d'Etudes Urbaines in Strasbourg.
. has worked in Italy, Germany, Belgium, Japan, the United States and Brazil.
. has works being exhibited in the permanent collections of museums in France, Finland, Italy, Portugal, England and the United States, including MoMA and Victoria and Albert Museum.
. in 1996, was honored with both a comprehensive career retrospective at the Centre George Pompidou in Paris and publication of the Catalogue Gaetano Pesce: Le Temps des Questions.


Chrysler Design Award, 1993
Interior Design Magazine Award for his collapsible chair / Umbrella, 1995
Design Excellence Award of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, 2005
Designer of the Year for the German magazine "A&W Architektur und Wohnen", 2006

Famous Works:

Up Chair, 1969, for B&B Italia.
La Donne Chair Up 5, 1969, for B&B Italia Spa
Moloch Lamp, 1971, for Bracciodioferro
Sit Down, 1975, for Cassina S.p.A.
Dalila Chair, 1980, for Cassina S.p.A.
Greene Street Chair, 1984, for Vitra
Pratt Chair, 1984, by Gaetano Pesce
Feltri Chair, 1987, for Cassina S.p.A.
Umbrella, 1992, for Zerodisegno Quattrocchio srl
543 Broadway Chair, 1993, for Bernini

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Serie Up




543 Broadway

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