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Naguisa Urban Furniture, 2005
Escofet, Spain

Toyo Ito

Reinforced concrete

W 422 cm, H 63 cm, D 80 cm

Naguisa is a modular series of prefabricated concrete benches located in the Park that has been constructed in the center of the "Island City", of the Japanese city of Fukuoka.

The installed modular benches opposite adopt circular forms of 11 and 7.5 meters of diameter next to the located lake of the complex "Gurin Gurin-Centre", formed by three conservatories integrated in the artificial landscape, designed by the architect Toyo Ito.

The module of the Naguisa bench consists of a bent piece of 4 meters in length in which the excavated parts work like seat and the superior part, with an organic form, makes the function of endorsement. The complete series contemplates 4 types of bent modular pieces. Two of radio of 3.75 meters and other two of radius 5.5 meters. All of them can be made up forming circles or zigzagueantes benches of freer forms.

The Naguisa bench has been conceived for a first use in the Park of "Island City" with the intention to propose a use that goes beyond its strict use like conventional and utilitarian bench. Spurring the imagination of its users with its smooth and natural forms it contributes to the conformation of landscapes.

- www.toyo-ito.co.jp
- www.escofet.es