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Hill House Chair 1

Hill House Chair 1, 1903
Cassina SpA, Italy

Charles Rennie Mackintosh

Lacquered ash wood, seat upholstered in leather

W 41 cm, H 141 cm, D 35 cm


The chair is named after the Hill House in Scotland, It was exclusively designed for the 'White Bedroom'. Macintosh felt that in this case the design was far more important than the function, and the chair was intended more as an art piece than to actually be used as a chair.

This sculptural chair's spidery appearance acts as a stark contrast to the pretty white Art feminine décor of the main bedroom. It is however, also available in white (photos below). The elegant Ladder Back chair is extremely delicate with it's sole purpose decoration. The slender back legs are elliptical in shape with a series of ladder rails linking them together. The seat pad is also very small to emphasise the chair's fragility.

- www.cassina.com