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Argyle Chair, 1897
Cassina SpA, Italy

Charles Rennie Mackintosh

Stained black oak frame, linen upholstered seat

W 48 cm, H 136 cm, D 47 cm


Argyle is a formal dining room chair with a stained black oak frame and in linen upholstered seat.

Mackintosh was highly influenced by Celtic and Japanese art. His designs combined cultural tradition and craftsmanship with a very contemporary appearance.

In 1897 Mackintosh was commissioned to design the furniture for the Argyle Street Tea Rooms in Glasgow. For the smoking room and the dining room he created several chairs in solid dark stained oak with elegant high-backs. These beautiful chairs with oval head-pieces where the most striking pieces of furniture produced for the dining room. These chairs lent the long narrow room a harmonious quality, at the same time offering the guests a sense of privacy and security.

The chair was reissued by Cassina in 1999.

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