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Dalila Chair, 1980
Cassina S.p.A., Italy

Gaetano Pesce

Epoxy-coated resin finish on moulded rigid polyurethane foam

H 75 cm


Pesce's Dalila series of three chairs (Dalila I, II and III) was designed to complement his Sansone II table and intentionally invokes the soft foms of the female body.

To a world glutted with cold and empty geomterics, Gaetano Pesce brings an exuberant affirmation of unfettered form, rich in symbolic implications. Transgressing whatever dividing lines could separate art, design and architecture, and ingeniously clustering deconstructed objects with human elements in dramatic space settings, this fiercely individualistic genius has added a new, profound dimension to everything from furniture to buildings and large urban complexes.