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G-force Cleaner, 1983
Apex Inc, Japan

James Dyson


'G-Force' was the name given to Dyson's first widely-available vacuum cleaner. It was the first vacuum cleaner to use "Dual Cyclone" separation technology.

Dyson launched the 'G-Force' cleaner in 1983. However, no manufacturer or distributor would launch his product in the UK as it would disturb the valuable cleaner-bag market, so Dyson launched it in Japan through catalogue sales.

Manufactured in bright pink, the G-Force had a selling price of £2,000 (British equivalent). It won the 1991 International Design Fair prize in Japan. He obtained his first U.S. patent on the idea in 1986. James Dyson later used the money he earned from G-Force to start up the Dyson company.