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Satellite Exhibitions of Design Miami; Altreforme

The first collection of ALTREFORME by Aziz Sarıyer is at Design Miami

Altreforme is a young and innovative brand, but has distant origins, connected to a long entrepreneurial tradition. altreforme was established in 2008 as productive diversification of the Italian Fontana Group: from the engineering field devoted for over fifty years to the automotive industry and the manufacturing of metal bodies for the most well-known worldwide automotive companies, takes shape a creative project exclusively given to the contemporary design world. Extremely light and shining aluminium sheets, once dedicated to the industrial world, are being revived in altreforme, giving life to big monolithic sculptures in highly collectable limited editions. Creativity of great international designers, like Aziz Sariyer who designed the first collection, expresses consolidated production processes, technology and know-how from a new point of view to transform them into sensory emotions, and artistic expressions. altreforme is devoted to those who live the emotions and the magic of the automotive world very intensively, able to rediscover them in a different way, made up with technology, expertise and materials in new shapes, in altreforme. altreforme

The heart of those who drive a car with passion never gives up beating; the thrill of driving keeps on making dream also from a comfortable armchair. altreforme sculptures will talk about these emotions, this very passion, thrills and magic, in different and new shapes. Works made exclusively by aluminium from 1.25 up to 8 mm thickness, selected among the best alloys used in the automotive field. A light, smooth and shining material, ideal for giving life to new, challenging and different shapes. The reflection highlights the great sizes, enhances the ambitious lines and magnifies the sinuous depth of the altreforme sculptures. Each work is manufactured through the same production cycles that give shape to the most beautiful and sinuous body of cars existing on the market. Ideas and style conceived by international great designers go through elaborate feasibility studies, elastic strain analysis and virtual designs to be later on manufactured by means of leading production technology and machinery, able to measure geometrical deviations up to 2/10 of mm. The latest production technique is joined with the expertise of highly qualified employees to guarantee an aesthetic control for top perfection.

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Source: Design Miami


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