Design Knowledge Intermediary
Student Category 3 Mention - Medusa by M. Dunkel
Student Category 1 Mention - Sky by G. Botticelli
Workshop Participants Winner - O.L.E.D by R. Azzu
Workshop Participants 1 Mention - Dominoled by A. Paolucci
Workshop Participants 3 Mention - Bornlight by G. Serafica & A. Martorelli
Professional Category Winner - OLux by H. Hayasaka & A. Aguirre
Check latest Winners of the OLED Design Contest - CombOLED Edition before the announcement of 2009 winners

We recently came across to a lot articles about OLED which is one of the most futuristic lighting sources. Even though it is still very expensive, many companies invested already a lot to be the first to find new ways to integrate that technology with our daily routine. Apart from its cost, OLED's remarkable characteristics allowing to create various concepts make especially designers feel hungry. As one of these outcomes, the number of competitions particularly focusing on OLED technology is increasing.

OLED Design Contest – CombOLED Edition, the new design idea’s competition expressly arranged in conjunction with the European CombOLED Project acting as the main channel to collect the potential general demonstrator application adopting OLEDs as light sources, is going to announce the winners of 2009 at the end of this month.

Within the 7th Framework Program, the European Union has decided to invest on an Integrated European Project (named CombOLED) in order to reduce the overall OLED’s costs and to produce the first transparent OLED devices on large lighting area. The project will finish end of December 2011 presenting with four general demonstrators to the EU commission.

Here you can find last year's winners.

“Student” Category
Winner Project ID: 8994397
Author: H. Geipel
Title: Hannes
Description: Mirror with OLED lighting integrated system and personal free-standing make-up mirror.

1° Mention - Project ID: 7277181
Author: G. Botticelli
Title: Sky
Description: Lighting sculpture interpreting the ability to realize graphic games using OLED technology creating dynamic geometrical patterns.

2° Mention - Project ID: 4281416
Author: F.Cirillo
Title: Touch
Description: Luminous canvas with touchscreen control system to vary the light intensity as well as the lighting schema.

3° Mention- Project ID: 3923228
Author: M. Dunkel
Title: Medusa
Description: Ceiling lamp integrating a variable positioning system for the lighting arm and capable to recreate different lighting scenario.

“Workshop Participants” Category
Winner - Project ID: 2338293
Author: R. Azzu

Title: o.l.e.d.
Description: Table lamp with eco-friendly structure and octagonal OLED lighting as light-source. The thin form factor of the lamp structure catches and exalts all the unique features of the OLED technology.

1° Mention - Project ID: 7417541
Author: A. Paolucci
Title: Dominoled

Description: Decorative lighting application to be wall mounted or placed on the table finding its origin in the “domino” game.

2° Mention (ex-equo) - Project ID: 6434938
Author: M. Pezzoli
Title: mOvement
Description: Modular system with octagonal element capable to create lighting single-curvature surfaces.

2° Mention (ex-equo) - Project ID: 9953337
Author: L.Dinter & L. Levi
Title: Cityscapes
Description: Lighting decorative application aiming to conjugate the uniqueness of OLED in terms of features in a minimal design object.

3° Mention - Project ID: 9999912
Author: G. Serafica & A. Martorelli
Title: Bornlight
Description: Mood lighting application for tables and shelves trying to reinterpreting the standard paradigm of the lampshade abat-jour.

4° Mention - Project ID: 8388533
Author: F. Biagini
Title: Time/4
Descrizione: Non-conventional solution for time measurement with a clear functional link to traditional hourglass.

"Professional" Category
Winner (ex-equo) Project ID: 3179176
Author: L. Centofante
Title: Newlight
Description: Table lighting application featuring an interesting tridimensional representation of the light source.

Winner (ex-equo) Project ID: 3689982
Author: H. Hayasaka & A. Aguirre
Title: OLux
Description: Modular system for creating mood decorative lighting solution or to be used a single gadget.

Winner (ex-equo) Project ID: 3911639
Author: H. Takayashi
Title: Display Modules for Underwater Lighting
Description: Modular system for lighting effect in pools and other water environments.

Winner (ex-equo) Project ID: 7328219
Author: F. Cannatelli & C. Terzi & M. Zanzarella
Title: Lucifero
Description: Interactive game for kids providing multi-sensorial feedbacks stimulating vision, hearing and touch.