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Shopping for Outdoor Dining Tables
A terrace or backyard with an outdoor dining table can change the way you perceive the size of your home, making it feel larger than it really is. “A lot of modern spaces now don’t have a formal dining room, but you can put that function outside,” said Nina Freudenberger, the owner of Haus Interior, a Los Angeles-based interior design firm. “You could view it as your prime entertaining space.”
And most outdoor tables are so versatile they can be moved around to serve a multitude of functions. The same table, said Ms. Freudenberger, an author of the recent book “Surf Shack: Laid-Back Living by the Water” (Clarkson Potter), “could act as a bar or a craft table.”
That’s one reason an outdoor table is often among the first pieces of furniture she buys when designing homes for her clients. “Even if the rest of the house isn’t ready, you can still have that housewarming party right away,” she said.