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Built your own home

BRITISH engineers have developed an incredible £100,000 flat-packed house that can be unfolded in ten minutes.

The adaptable unit can then be packed up with all its furnishings and transported on a lorry just as quickly.

The creators of Ten Fold hope to revolutionise the UK property market by mass producing the stackable homes.

Inventor David Martyn, 58, said its built-in folding partitions and storage space allow it to be used as a home, classrooms, business spaces, pop-up shops, hospital operating theatres and emergency shelters for refugees.

Mr Martyn, an architect, who said his children pay extortionate rents in London, said he was inspired to build transportable flat-packed homes after watching a lorry go past him.

He said his team have had six prototypes built and spent millions patenting his designs across the world.

He added: “The applications range form what the videos that have been showing off to offices, shops, you can do them big, you would have people waiting to do class showrooms, corporate flagships… it could be a partly mobile housing stock to cope with fluctuations in demand and in need whether it would be class rooms or houses for people (refugees) who just arrived.”

He said of his young team of engineers: “If they want to have a house they can do nothing but work and it’s only because of the way the UK property market works.