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Rollbe - Super Compact Measuring Tool
Rollbe’s rolling design allows to measure straight lines and curved surfaces by rolling from point to point. Designed both in the Metric and the Imperial system.
Rollbe’s super compact versions - 4 Inch and 10 cm are designed to be the most compact ruler on the market. They are similar to the size of a coin, so the ruler will always fit in your pocket.
Rollbe larger versions such as 8 Inch and 20 cm are designed for projects with more professional position. These rulers still are very portable and would be handy anytime.
Daily Use
We measure things every day – from finding the right level to hang a painting, to measuring parcels, moving or measuring furniture, square or round objects, cutting, comparing and more. Rollbe can be attached to your key chain—so you will always have it ready to go in your pocket.

Professional Use
Designers, carpenters, fashion designers, sewers, architects and many other professionals draft specific layouts and templates. Measuring curves and design details is necessary in these professions. Rollbe allows to measure curves and straight lines or surfaces in a convenient way.
How To Measure
It is super easy to use. Simply place the bullet - start mark on the starting point of the surface or line you want to measure then roll and count full rotations by following the ''radius indicator'', then add remaining units.