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World's first 3D knitted shoes
JS 3D knitted shoes are made by the most advance technology saving more than 80% of the traditional shoe making process and wasted materials.
Just like 3D printing, every shoe is made to match each user's specific order.
Breaking the rule of a traditional shoe purchasing experience, JS offers a Buy ONE by ONE strategy so that consumers can purchase one shoe instead of one pair to personalize their choice of color and size.
As most people have a half size difference between each foot, this business model also allows users to purchase the right size for each foot, mismatch the colors, or personalize their own style of lightweight and form-fitting knit shoes.
West coast life style
The problem  on the west coast is that shoes are designed for physical fitness or basic walking. However, the typical west coast resident finds that driving plays a large part in their daily life.
The company wanted to make something that can really improves someone’s driving experience with shoes that are super lightweight and comfortable.