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Cosy micro-homes designed like a "yacht cabin"
COSY 'micro-homes' costing just £40,000 take inspiration from yachts and first-class aeroplane cabins in a bid to tackle homelessness.
The 186sq ft homes have been designed for one person with a slick design that fits a lot into the small space - with plans to install more across the UK if a  pilot scheme is successful.
The iKozie boasts a bedroom, a fully-furnished kitchen, bathroom 'module' and an entertainment zone, all held into place by a steel flame with a front cladding made of larch wood with a green, corrugated iron roof.
The wooden homes comply fully with planning requirements and building regulations, and have an A rating for energy efficiency.
The first one was installed in Barbourne, Worcester with the 8ft property lifted by a crane into a back garden.
The homes are being billed as a cure to the the country's homelessness and housing crisis.
The first person will be able to move into the home as soon as next month, following a referral from homeless agencies in the city.
Tenants will have to take the responsibility for paying for rent, water bills and food in a bid to teach them how to survive independently.
The ambitious project has been run by the Homeless Foundation, and the property itself will be managed by the Spring Housing Association.
If the pilot is successful, iKozie's could be installed across the rest of the UK and the charity believes it could be the solution to the country's homelessness problem.

- www.thesun.co.uk