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Meet Nomad - Create music on the go
A digital musical instrument born from the desire to create music on the go. The minimalistic form and flexible strings, which never break or get out of tune, make it portable and durable. Designed to encourage mobility and adventure NOMAD can be thrown in a backpack to bring your musical creation to life, anytime, anywhere. 
Designed to live
The wooden neck creates a familiar feel while the minimalistic form enables musicians to take their musical instrument anywhere they go. The pressure sensitive frets and flexible strings preserve a traditional playing experience, however, never break or get out of tune.
When analog and digital meet
Maintaining the familiarity of a classic guitar yet adding the possibilities hidden within a digital musical instrument. Paired with an app, NOMAD can play an endless variety of sounds, frets can be turned off for 'fret-less mode' while a digital capo controls the pitch of the strings. Feel like playing an acoustic guitar? An electric one? Or a Sitar? 

Create music wherever life takes yougn
Play music through headphones during quiet nights and busy subway rides or connect wirelessly to the portable amplifier to share musical creations with others.
Soundtrack of my life
NOMAD was designed to age with grace and just like traditional musical instruments, over time, become unique and personalized by you.
Designer: Orit Dolev

- www.nomadyourmusic.com