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Moovy Bag:The Essential All-in-one Device Carry
What is Moovy Bag?
For people on the go in today’s fast paced world, losing a precious charge at the wrong moment can make or break a day. The Moovy bag is a sleek, modern high-tech backpack which keeps users organized and connected, on the go.
What it powers?
The sleek, minimalistic Moovy bag has an exceptionally built in charging solution. Each compartment has been designed for a well-organized functionality. It can charge nearly every mobile devices. 

The Battery
It is an intelligent battery designed for the Moovy Bag, that will transform it into a portable power station. You will power any mobile devices anywhere anytime.
Automatic Detect IC Technology: Charge all your devices simultaneously and automatically optimize the charging mode of each one.
Qualcomm QC 3.0 technology: Charge faster your devices with safety functions
Power Delivery 2.0: Port type C PD 2.0 IN and OUT 45W (Max)
Li-polymer Battery: High safety, high energy density, excellent cycle performance, no memory effect, green environmental protection

The Solar Panel
Open your bag to recharge the battery. Thinnest and lightest solar. Only 190 grams. The Moovy Solar absorbs light over the widest spectral range that means it can capture light for a longer period of time especially when sunlight may be limited.
Moovy Solar lasts more time thanks to its light diffusion compare to other panel which gradually declines.

Who is Moovy Bag for?
For the urban worker, the professional, the student – anyone who needs that constant connection and just can’t afford that dead battery alert – the Moovy bag is here to keep you linked to the outside world.

- www.kickstarter.com