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New 2018 Nissan Leaf has incredible all-electric 235-mile range
A NEW Nissan Leaf has been unveiled with a 235-mile range – and it’s packed with clever technology to make driving a breeze.
The second-generation of the first mass market electric car has boosted its range and added self-driving and self-parking systems.
And a radical e-Pedal mode means you can drive, slow down and stop without using the brake.
The all-electric family hatchback will go on sale in January after the first generation shifted more than 283,000 cars in seven years.
The new model is a huge jump forward with electric range boosted by more than 50 per cent to 235-miles.
The battery is no bigger and charging time remains the same – around 40 minutes for an 80 per cent fast charge and eight hours to top up to full on a standard charger.
Nissan will take things ever further by the end of 2018 with new battery tech providing a 310-mile range – putting it on par with the Tesla Model S.
The Leaf also comes with Nissan Intelligent Mobility which combines clever gadgets with driverless kit to make driving easier than ever.
That includes the e-Pedal which means you can do 90 per cent of driving with just the accelerator – with braking only required in last minute situations.
Nissan’s ProPilot system also allows the Leaf to drive itself at up to 89mph on motorways and the driverless tech will be continually upgraded over the coming years.
By 2020, it’ll even be able to negotiate city traffic on its own.
And it can already park itself using 12 sonar sensors and four cameras to slot itself into even the tightest gaps.
Tech continues to the cabin, too, with a new seven-inch touchscreen that’ll include Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.
On the road, the new Leaf promises improved performance – 148bhp up from 108bhp helping slash the 0-62mph time to 9.8 seconds.
The 2018 Leaf has also undergone a radical design overhaul with a flat, sharper nose and a more streamlined rear to aid fuel efficiency.
It’s also less gawky than the outgoing model to appeal to buyers who want a car that looks more conventional.

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