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Meet the new NexDock
The new NexDock is a revolutionary docking unit in 2-in-1 laptop form that harnesses the productivity of Intel Compute Cards, smartphones and mini PCs.
Meet the Intel Compute Card
Just slightly longer than a credit card at 95mm x 55mm x 5mm, the Intel Compute Card is a fully self-contained computer that includes a CPU and GPU, RAM, storage and wireless connectivity.

How does it work?
Equipped with a range of processors, including 7th Gen Intel® Core™ vPro™ processor,  the Intel Compute Card turns NexDock into a powerful computer that can handle the toughest computing needs.
The Cool Features of NexDock
The unique design of NexDock brings some advantages such as being more ergonomic, having a built-in kickstand and interchangeable modules. Thanks to its USB Type-C port, the innovative NexDock lets you get the most out of many other devices just by plugging in. 
Ergonomic Design
The docking base works as an ergonomic tablet grip that delivers fatigue reducing posture while increasing flexibility for touchscreen interaction.
Turn Your Smartphone into a Laptop
Thanks to USB Type-C port, the new NexDock will turn the smartphones -which can provide desktop experience when connected to a bigger screens- into a laptop while also charging them.

- www.nexdock.com