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The Moon-The world's first camera to defy gravity
This smart camera defies the law of gravity by suspending in mid-air above its base. The Moon floats above the base in a graceful manner, with the ability to capture a rounded 360 degrees of imagery.
The Moon is integrated with an accompanying app – yet is jam-packed with nifty technology and clever features. The Moon can instantly detect any movement in the room and rotate itself to catch the action! Not only this – the accompanying app also alerts you to the action, allowing the user to watch the action live through their smartphone. The Moon comes with a built-in microphone to add a pair of ears to those eyes, helping you when your baby cries or your dog barks. Due to the levitating nature of the Moon, the device can be removed from the base and place in any environment around the house with the use of a cradle – giving the user the ability to adapt the Moon for any room in the house.
For learn more watch the video below.