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Aston Martin is building a submarine because of course it is
There's one utility vehicle no supervillain or famous spy can live without: A submarine. 
And soon, James Bond/Lex Luthor wannabes will be able to buy one with Aston Martin's brand name. 
The British luxury car maker announced on Thursday that it's collaborating with Triton — an actual submarine manufacturer — on a personal submarine, codenamed Project Neptune. 
It will be a limited edition affair  and it'll carry three people into the depths of your chosen ocean, sea,lake, pond or other body of water. 
Beyond that and a few concept images — and it is strictly a concept at this stage — there's very little in Aston Martin's announcement in terms of actual tech specs. But Triton's low profile model is given as a reference, and that one can take three people 1,650 feet deep for 12 hours. Its 30kWh battery allows for 12 hours of endurance, and the vessel is propelled by four 5hp thrusters. The little sub is 10.5 feet long, 8.7 feet wide and 5.9 feet tall, and weighs 8,800 pounds. 
There's no word on when Project Neptune might hit the market, or at what price. One thing is certain: It won't be cheap. And unless you have a codename that starts with two zeros, don't expect to be given one by the British government.