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Tesla To Launch New Electric Truck
After much delay and anticipation, electric mobility and tech giant Tesla has officially confirmed that it will launch its electric semi truck on November 16. The new electric truck from Tesla will be launched at the automaker and tech giant's California facility and is expected to powered by the latest electric battery and motor technology that also powers the likes of Tesla's other vehicles like the Model S, X and 3. The Tesla semi truck is also expected to be very revolutionary in terms of overall design language with a futuristic look that is also extremely aerodynamic in order to reduce wind resistance on highways.
Tesla, in its invite for the event has put out a teaser of the truck that confirms the design when compared to a few spyshots that have been seen on the internet earlier. The cabin sits high and the truck has a wide stance with LED daytime running lights and LED headlamps along with orange LED marker lights that are a compulsory requirement for large trucks under United States DMV law. The semi truck, will be aerodynamic with a wraparound windscreen design and a smooth upper canopy.
The electric semi truck will also be expected to have features like quick charging that will give it access to the electric Superchargers that have been installed by Tesla and are free to use for all Model S and Model X owners but chargeable for the Model 3 owners currently.

- www.ndtv.com