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Not like other air purifiers
Natural purifier for ventilation : Sun shower sprinkles artificial rain in front of the window to purify the air penetrating waterfall
How It Works
First, Install the Sun shower adjusting height of owner's window.
Air quality sensor facing outside detects density of ultrafine particles and control water pressure automatically.
Than, Sun shower starts to pour water and purifies air coming into the house.
Water circulates continuously and acts as a natural filter. When water become too cloudy, user can replace it through water tank replacement.
Sun shower is designed for sliding-type windows that are mainly used in East Asia and has been designed with motifs in their tile roofs.
The roof shape of sun shower is designed not only for formability, but also for the functionality of water drop.
1. Using natural circulation of air
The most important thing in getting clear air is the circulation of air. Sun shower can provide more fresh air than conventional air purifiers because of continuous ventilation.
2. Design that resolving the paradox of design electricity
While we use air purifiers to consume electricity, one of the main causes of air pollution is power generation. Sun shower offers maximum air cleaning effect with minimal power.
3. Do not use artificial filters
Filters used in air purifiers are made of synthetic resins that are difficult to recycle, which adversely affects the environment. Sun shower is more environmentally friendly by using the water itself as a filter.