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A premium electric shaver designed to last for decades
The Extrusion Shaver has been designed in response to a market filled with over-styled, throw-away products. Aim was to design a premium electric shaver with simplified functionality, neutral colour direction and increased material quality. A shaver designed to last for decades and suitable for all tastes. Although our process was driven by longevity and quality - by utilising mass production techniques (extruded aluminum) the shaver has been designed for low cost production.
The Extrusion Shaver tries to use that perception to its favor by ditching the design language set by current shavers and their over-stylized-in-the-name-of-ergonomic-design forms for something that’s sleek, and easy on the eyes. The Extrusion Shaver doesn’t look uncomfortable to hold but it does look clean.
Designer: Blond Design Studio