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Tom Fereday's SIA Chair
The SIA chair, meaning movement was named after its unique adjustable backrest. Inspired by traditional bearings the SIA chair is slender in design yet uncompromising in comfort. Shaped from solid Ash the SIA chair curves to the bodies form whilst using the minimum amount of timber required to achieve comfort. The chair is contrasted by a minimal stainless-steel frame which supports the sculptural timber elements and allows for a stackable design.
Solid bronze self-lubricating sleeve bearings elegantly assemble to the chair frame allowing for smooth angle adjustment of the chair and structural support for the backrest. Using the natural flex of the steel frame the backrest is simply press fit assembled allowing for minimal shipping volume and easy end of life recycling or repair.
The SIA chair was the winner of the Mercedes-Benz design award and will be launched with NAU Design in March 2018.
 The design brief called for a product that enhances the dining space, either indoors or outdoors. Entries were open to designs from any category, including furniture, lighting, crockery, utensils and wall-hangings.
The award’s judges are industrial designer Adam Goodrum; interior architect George Livissianis; André Dutkowski from Mercedes-Benz; Broadsheet founder Nick Shelton; and Richard Munao, who will prototype, manufacture and sell the winning design at Cult Design.
“We loved the combination of solid timber and a metal-framed chair, and the beautiful brass component in the back that gives it adjustability when you sit on it,” says Munao of Fereday’s entry. “His whole presentation told a story really well.”