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Smart mirror from Kuhler
Kohler is adding more voice-based and touchless interactions into the bathroom and kitchen with a new smart product line called Kohler Konnect. Under its new lineup, everything from the faucet to the toilet to the bathtub can be controlled via voice commands, using a smart mirror as the main control center.
The Verdera mirror, like a lot of smart products you’ll see at CES, has Amazon’s Alexa built in so you can ask it to read the news, adjust mirror lighting, or control other paired gadgets in the house. It has a built-in dual microphone and sealed casing to protect the tech from being damaged by water splashes or condensation. The Verdera can also detect motion to illuminate a soft night light when it notices the user walking up to the mirror.
With the Verdera, users can talk to it to control other Kohler Konnect products.
Do you need something like this when an Echo speaker would probably suffice? Obviously no one ever needs any gadget, but if you do fancy the idea of a smart bathroom, the mirror is a lot more aesthetically pleasing than any Echo on the market, can free up your counter space, and is waterproof. The Verdera mirror will be the first item from the Kohler Konnect line to go on sale this March, with no confirmed pricing just yet.