Design Knowledge Intermediary
Corporate Creativity: Developing an Innovative Organization

By Thomas Lockwood and Thomas Walton
Published by DMI & Allworth Press

Pages 256
Price $16.47

Corporate Creativity is the ultimate guide for executives and managers looking to increase creativity and innovation in their companies. This anthology of provocative essays, drawn from the pages of Design Management Review and Design Management Journal, explores personal, team, and organizational creativity.

Corporate Creativity combines case studies and innovative advice that will both inspire and instruct to create a complete guide for cultivating the creative process. This book is absolutely essential for innovation and business leaders, designers and design managers, and forward-thinking students.

"This is an outstanding collection of thinking about not only the importance of right-brain thinking, but how to develop, nurture, and manage models for sustained innovation."—Daniel H. Pink, author of A Whole New Mind

The collection includes essays on:

  • developing a more innovative organization
  • taking risks that will succeed and improve your business
  • improving employees’ creative abilities to further innovation
  • designing teams that will promote efficiency
  • integrating design into corporate culture
  • crafting management processes to fuel creativity, innovation, and customer delight