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Making its debut in 2003, TAXI has quickly picked up popularity within the design industry for its efficiency to deliver ground-breaking news, and features cutting-edge creations by talented designers. It has embedded itself into the global creative community as a design staple with essentials such as

Competition deadlines
Industry headlines
Creative web content
Fresh hot features
Discussion Forum
and much more...

One of the key highlights of TAXI is that it supports the entire design initiative and serves information across all design disciplines - from Fashion design to Graphic design, Product design to Architecture. The main objective behind this wide spectrum of featured genres is to raise awareness to the public population that Design, regardless of its specific discipline, does not stand alone. Every single creative field is strongly intra-connected to one another, and that it is this tight relationship that propels the community to the unlimited innovations and infinite breakthroughs.


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Daily News and Headlines
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The Travel Album
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