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Frequency: 12 issues/year
Language: English-Ýtaliano

Price: 4,5 Euro per issue
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Abitare is an Italian magazine devoted to architecture, interior design, furniture, product design and graphic arts. It features profiles of projects around the world, interviews with top designers and architects, information on new products, and commentary.

A magazine with a long tradition of dealing with architecture, design and the visual arts, ABITARE was founded and has been based in Milan since 1963 and has recently joined the RCS Media Group. Through the development of issues around dwelling, design and the visual arts, ABITARE is exploring different ways to approach and understand reality through a magazine, exploring fresh narratives and projects.

Arbitare addresses contemporary cultural and aesthetical practices, looking for debates and controversies, and moving away from the tendency simply to report and review. In order to create a deeper understanding of the projects presented in the magazine, the diagrams and drawing produced exclusively for ABITARE by the Italian young firm Salottobuono are conceived as a kind of a toolbox for our readers.


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tel.: +39.02.210581