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FLARE Architectural Lighting

Frequency: 3 issues per year
Language(s): Italian, English

Cover Price: € 80 (For 3 issues)
Country of Origin: Italy

“Flare” is the a magazine dedicated to architectural and lighting design, which covers every aspect of this sphere of activity: as the “transversal” factor of living trends and culture, in its many-sided relationship with architecture, lighting projects, design, the arts and the environment. With three numbers published each year, in Italian and English, “Flare” represents a worldwide showcase of ideas and projects, distributed internationally to a public of professionals, such as architects, lighting designers and consultants, industrial designers, interior designers and facility managers, as well as being constantly present worldwide at the most important trade events of this sector.

The scheduling of its articles is focalised on the lighting design of highly personalised commercial and private interiors, from homes to hotels and sales points. It presents exemplary and innovative projects supported by the editorial contributions of key personalities from the world of design and lighting technology.  

Considerable space is also dedicated to those aspects associated with corporate announcements and there is also a section dedicated to product news. 

- www.flare1.com

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